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My name is Heloise, I am a third culture kid: My parents are French and Korean, I lived in China (Beijing) for ~9yrs, and I am now living in Senegal (Dakar). I am blogging for School – otherwise, this blog would be completely different. I enjoy stories (books, shows, comics, movies, etc.), and sometimes indulge myself by thinking, sleeping, drawing, and writing. One such instance would be this fatuous poem:

My eyelids droop, heavy on my eyes
Heavy on my face
Soft fabric around my neck, my arms
I wrap it tighter around myself.
The sound of birds, the sound of beeps, reaches my ears
And half-asleep and hearted insults return

I am a person of many flaws and qualities, poetry is only one of them. Curtness and long-windedness too. On this note, I end this tedious post.

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. G’day Heloise,
    Even though this blog is for school, maybe your teacher will allow some posts of your choice. Would love to read some of your poetry and writing.

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